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The Community Superheroes

For other uses of Superheroes, see Superheroes (disambiguation)
The Community Superheroes
The Community Superheroes logo
Team Statistics
Group The Community Superheroes
Category Public Service
Headquarters (by branch) 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status [[Status::DEFUNCT]]
Team Activity
Leader Guardian Shield
Members == Active ==
Arachnight, Discordia
== Honorary Members ==
Cyber Knight, Webmaster
== Former Members ==
Citizen Saint, Citizen Tiger, Jericho, Raven Moon, Sanctuary
Foes Apathy, Crime
Actions Neighborhood watch, humanitarian outreach

The Community Superheroes was founded by Guardian Shield.

"We are a team of average folks doing something extraordinary for our communities. We spend our nights patrolling our local areas in hopes of keeping our communities safe."

In addition to the primary branch in Oregon, the CSH had branches in Tennessee and Pennsylvania.


The Community Superheroes was founded in January of 2015 by Guardian Shield.[1] It became inactive in 2019.



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