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    The Phoenix Corporation

    The Phoenix Corporation
    Team Statistics
    Group The Phoenix Corporation
    Category RLSH/Support
    Headquarters Staten Island, New York, USA 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
    Status Inactive
    Team Activity
    Leader Dusk Citizen
    Members Arachnight, SkyMan, Stryker
    Allies United Earth Hopeforce, The Initiative Collective, New York Ronin, Xtreme Justice League, Beacon (Guiding Light of Hope)
    Actions Fundraising

    The Phoenix Corporation was a group of Real Life Superheroes in the United States. It appears to be defunct.


    The Phoenix Corporation was formed in January 2018 by Dusk Citizen with several former members of The Paradox Core. Its purpose, as listed on its GoFundMe page:

    "A group of Real Life Superheroes (RLSH) from across the United States looking to assist each other, and other RLSH in need with any of their endeavours.

    We shall collect all money donated to us through this GoFundMe, and dispense it among the various RLSH charities and groups out there to assist them.

    The Funds will be used whenever any special events or groups, such as Hopeforce, The Initiative, Ronin, Xtreme Justice League, or Beacon: Guiding Light of Hope (to name a few), come up, and there will be regular updates posted when these events come around.

    The Pheonix [sic] Corporation is made up of the following RLSH:
    Dusk Citizen
    Robert Frost

    Each of us would be grateful to help any and all Real Life Superheroes. All are welcome to donate and help us out. All donations go to good causes, like homeless handouts, regular crime prevention patrols, and donations to other charity organizations."[1]

    In an announcement for the GoFundMe page, Wolf Paradox further explained:

    "The Phoenix Corporation is Dusk's breakaway group that was formed when the P.C. locked down and downsized to its 4 founding Commandos/Mercs, until a later time that it will come back."[2]

    In March of 2018, Wolf Paradox elaborated that Dusk, Skyman, Arachnight, and Stryker had fully departed the Paradox Core as members of The Phoenix Corporation.

    As of March 2018, no donations had accrued on the GoFundMe page. The page closed down sometime before February 13, 2019, making the status of the group uncertain.


    External Links

    GoFundMe site - UNAVAILABLE 2/13/2019