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    The Warden
    The Warden
    Vital Statistics
    Hero The Warden
    Alias(es) The Warden of Saint Petersburg, The Watchman, The Eye that Sees.
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego Unknown
    Category Vigilante, Activist
    Location Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA 27° 46' 13.37" N, 82° 40' 10.23" W
    Status Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team Bay Coast Guardians (XJL)
    Affiliates Good Samaritan, Impact, Jaguar, Mercy
    (former) Green Reaper, Knuckleduster
    Foes Petty / Non-Victimless Criminals, Poverty
    Actions Patrol, outreach, activism
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Cloak, black fedora, bandana, gloves
    Colors Black, dark purple
    Symbol The Eye of Horus
    Equipment Pepper gel, smoke grenades, thermal/low-light equipment, ASP extendable baton, pocket VHF/UHF radio scanner, zip-ties
    Abilities Close quarters combat, stealth

    The Warden is a Real Life Superhero operating out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. He founded the Bay Coast Guardians.


    The Warden began patrolling the downtown and old Northeast sections of Saint Petersburg at the beginning of 2016, in both full combat suit and civilian attire, often providing sustenance to the local homeless population.

    The Warden decided to abandon his solo operations at the beginning of 2017, instead fore-fronting the creation of the Bay Coast Guardians, an RLSH group dedicated to patrolling the Pinellas and Hillsborough area. He hopes to one day eradicate the violence and homelessness in his hometown, and make it a better place.

    After Impact joined the BCG in June of 2017, the team became the first official XJL-affiliate team. It has since split from the League amicably when the XJL decided to refocus its efforts on San Diego, rather than the nation as a whole.


    The Warden chose the Eye of Horus as his symbol, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that was used as a protective ward, as his way of telling the people of Saint Petersburg that his watchful eye was taking care of them.

    The Eye of the Warden, as he chooses to call it, can be found occasionally left behind on small pieces of paper in downtown Saint Petersburg, as a sort of calling card.


    According to the Warden, he was inspired by a report he heard about Phoenix Jones' actions in the city of Seattle.

    The Warden's combat suit design originally drew heavily upon Geist's appearance, as well as several detective books he'd been reading at the time, including "The Dresden Files."[1]

    The Warden is a fan of Marvel's Iron Man.



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