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    General To-Do

    • Cleaning up of all pages
    • Restoring pictures from various sources
    • Restoring/citing references
    • Archiving all reference pages so even if they go down, there is still a cached version (Try the Web Archive)
    • Creating pages from the Wanted Pages list
    • Creating categories from the Wanted Categories list
    • Creating redirects for easily-confused page names/partial page names (i.e., "dark"/"night"/"shadow"/etc.)
    • Creating categories to make other RLSH facets more searchable (affiliation, category, etc.)

    Guides Needed

    • How to report various types of crime anonymously
    • Staying safe in the field
    • Networking with others as well as your community
    • Community activism
    • First Aid
    • Finding local resources
    • How to help the unhoused
    • Teamwork: creating, finding, and being part of a team
    • Finding a mentor
    • How to de-escalate conflict