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    Xtreme Justice League: North Carolina

    Xtreme Justice League, North Carolina
    Logo of the Xtreme Justice League
    Team Statistics
    Group Xtreme Justice League: North Carolina
    Category Public Service
    Headquarters Triangle Region, NC The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
    Status Inactive
    Team Activity
    Leader N/A, Impact (Chapter founder, former leader)
    Members Green Sweep, Shamrock, Digital Nomad
    Allies Xtreme Justice League
    Foes Apathy, homelessness
    Actions Neighborhood patrols, Homeless Outreach, Public Safety Services, Community Greening

    The Xtreme Justice League: North Carolina was a regional chapter of the Xtreme Justice League.


    The chapter was originally founded in 2015 by Impact as one of the first East Coast XJL chapters. Originally christened XJL: Durham, the chapter had at one point expanded to include Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Swansboro.

    The team had attended various charity events, both as active contributors and as a safety patrol. The team had worked with groups for Child Abuse Awareness Month, police-sponsored homeless handouts, charity fundraisers, neighborhood cleanups, and community events. They had also patrolled events such as pride parades and rallies, as well as doing weekly bar safety patrols.


    The chapter had a rotating roster of part-time members who will assist on some of the larger events and handouts, as well as a smaller full-time roster.

    Green Sweep and Mr. Roboto, two of the first members of XJL NC

    Mr Roboto

    Mr Roboto (formerly known as "Flashbang") was the second full time member of the team. He is based out of Chapel Hill primarily. Aside from running the team's bike-patrol, he acted as Crowd Control and Medic during team patrols.

    Mr Roboto had a background in law enforcement and often acted as the team's researcher for legal matters. He also acted as a mechanic for the team, carrying tools to help stranded civilians fix their bicycles if necessary.

    He left the XJL in 2020.

    Green Sweep

    Green Sweep was the team's third member. Based in Raleigh, Green Sweep focused more on community greening than on safety patrols. When with the full team, Green Sweep was the primary Medic and acted as the Communications specialist, ready to contact emergency services if necessary.

    Along with heading the environmental cleanup aspect of the team, Green Sweep acted as an outreach liaison, always on the lookout for groups to partner and work with. He also acted as a team photographer.


    Shamrock patroled through Swansboro, feeding the homeless and keeping an eye on his town! Twitter

    Part-Time Membership

    Digital Nomad: Urban guide, information gatherer, handouts. Durham