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    Vital Statistics
    Hero Zetaman
    Alias(es) Urban Adventurer, The Cat of Portland
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Illya King
    Category Public Servant, Social Activist
    Location Portland, Oregon, USA 45° 31' 12.89" N, 122° 40' 27.10" W
    Status Retired
    Superhero Activity
    Team The Alternates (ex-member)
    Affiliates Agent Null, Antiman, Apocalypse Meow (ex-wife)
    Foes Apathy, Homelessness
    Actions Charity Fundraisers, Community Outreach, Neighborhood Patrol
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Shirt (Black, Blue, White), Gloves (Black)
    Colors Black, blue, white
    Symbol The letter "Z" in white against a navy blue triangle
    Equipment Pepper spray, stun gun
    Abilities Aikido, CPR, first aid

    Zetaman was a Real Life Superhero based in Portland, Oregon. He is now retired.


    A statement regarding his retirement, posted on May 17, 2011 to both his blog and Facebook page (prior to their removal), titled "I Am Retired" -

    “I am afraid due to the constant harassment and my own personal real life and physical safety I have to retire. I am sorry to say this but there are people in my life whose lives are being threatened and I can no longer have a blue target on me. I wish the rest of the world well and to stay safe.”

    After retiring from his RLSH career as Zetaman, Illya went on to pursue a career as a cartoonist.


    External Links

    YouTube: Zetaman TV

    YouTube: Extended clip from HBO "Superheroes" documentary

    Illya King on Twitter