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    Birmingham Batman
    Birmingham Batman
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Birmingham Batman
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Willie Perry
    Category Public servant
    Location Birmingham, Alabama 33° 31' 14.46" N, 86° 48' 8.76" W
    Status Deceased
    Superhero Activity
    Actions Helping stranded motorists
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit White and brown jumpsuit with matching helmet and goggles
    Symbol Batman logo
    Equipment Modified 1971 Ford Thunderbird, Utility belt

    Birmingham Batman was a Real Life SuperHero in Birmingham, Alabama. He is deceased.


    First appearing in the late 1970's, the Birmingham Batman patrolled the highways in a highly modified 1971 Ford Thunderbird dubbed the "Batmobile Rescue Ship" helping stranded motorists and performing other good deeds. In 1982, the mayor of Birmingham declared August 3rd to be "Willie Perry Day" in honor of his service. This same year he was featured on the television program 'That's Incredible!'.

    In 1985, Birmingham Batman passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning while working on the Batmobile Rescue Ship in a closed garage. [1]



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