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    This page will list and explain some terms used by the RLSH Community. The RLSH - like many other communities of people - have their own slang.


    Gimmick: The outfit or general look of an individual RLSH. This is often used as a preferred term instead of "costume".

    Greyman Patrol: A patrol that is done in a way as to blend in with the surrounding populace, as opposed to sticking out in gimmick.

    Instalante: A person who poses on Instagram for clout and attention, and doesn't accomplish anything of value.

    Ninjalante: A person who poses with a ninja persona and swords, and doesn't accomplish anything of value. May claim to know various martial arts.

    Relish: Slang for RLSH, Real Life Superhero.

    RLSH: See Real Life Superhero.

    RLSV: See Real Life Supervillain.

    X-Alt: Alternate term for RLSH. See X-Alt.