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For other uses of Dark, see Dark (disambiguation)
For other uses of Guardian, see Guardian (disambiguation)
Dark Guardian
Photo by Peter Tangen
Vital Statistics
Hero Dark Guardian
Alias(es) Chris Guardian
Identity Public
Alter Ego Chris Pollack
Category N/A
Location Staten Island, New York, USA 40° 35' 0.44" N, 74° 8' 58.58" W
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team * New York Ronin
* Guardian Angels
* New York Initiative (former)
Affiliates Cameraman, Life
Foes N/A
Actions Neighborhood patrol
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit N/A
Colors Black, Blue, Red
Symbol N/A
Equipment N/A
Abilities Martial Arts Expert

Dark Guardian is a Real Life Superhero in Staten Island, New York City. He is the founder of the New York Ronin, as well as a member of the Guardian Angels, and has been known to work with other superheroes to keep the streets safe. He appears to be inactive.



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