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For other uses of Fox, see Fox (disambiguation)
Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Vital Statistics
Hero Flying Fox
Alias(es) N/A
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Masked Animal Activist
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 37° 48' 51.18" S, 144° 57' 47.38" E
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team Fauna Fighters
Affiliates Thylacine (husband)
Foes Animal Cruelty
Actions Protests, Petition Drives, Urban/Nature Reserve Clean-Ups
Physical Description
Gender Female
Outfit Cape, Mask, Body Armor
Colors Black, Red
Symbol N/A
Equipment Utility Belt
Abilities Determination to win justice for the voiceless

Flying Fox was an Australian Real Life Superheroine based in Melbourne. She appears to be inactive.


One half of Melbournian Real Life Superhero team The Fauna Fighters, Flying Fox worked tirelessly in fighting against animal cruelty. Alongside team-mate Thylacine, she has engaged in numerous protests, supporting various animal rights groups such as Animal Liberation Victoria, Animals Australia, Freedom For Farmed Rabbits, Melbourne Pig Save and various anti-vivisection groups.

In line with PETA's letter-writing campaign, her 'Operation Damascus' protest against fur retailer David Lawrence ensured that the brand pulled unethical clothing from their stores. Along with Thylacine, she was also active in urban and nature reserve clean-ups and in her support of the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Her artistic inspirations in RLSHeroism included DC universe heroes Batman and Catwoman. She had also taken much inspiration from the seminal 1986 superhero novel Watchmen.

Flying Fox had also lent her image to modeling for charitable causes as a Modified Doll.

She is a practicing vegan.


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