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Halo in a black light tunnel
Vital Statistics
Hero Halo
Alias(es) Tristan Halo
Identity Secret
Alter Ego -
Category Crime Fighting, Charity
Location Orlando, Florida 28° 32' 31.60" N, 81° 22' 44.51" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team Remedy Corps
Affiliates Avarice Blade, Vaus Various, Bratchny, Night Terror, Crow Withane
Foes Apathy
Actions Crime prevention patrols, volunteer work, litter pickup, outreach
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit White mask with black lenses, white body armor with yellow stripes on it, detachable yellow metal disk on chest, black tactical pants, black yellow and white shoes.
Colors White, Yellow, Black
Symbol A Yellow Circle, "which represents positivity and purity to inspire others to help wherever they can"
Equipment Hard knuckled gloves, body armor, metal disk on chest
Abilities Martial arts training, de-escalation

Halo is a Real Life SuperHero in Orlando, Florida. He goes on patrols to stop assaults, clean up litter, and help people in any way he can.


Halo started being an RLSH in September 2020. He later created a team called Remedy Corps in March 2021. Since then he has helped stop carjackings and had a crossover with the Bay Coast Guardians. During which they helped direct traffic away from someone who was hit by a car and call for help.[1]



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