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    For other uses of Knight, see Knight (disambiguation)
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Knight-Hood
    Alias(es) John Reid, Night-Rider, Knight-Rider, The Mask
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category Public Service
    Location Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA 27° 46' 13.37" N, 82° 40' 10.23" W
    Status Semi-Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team N/A
    Affiliates N/A
    Foes Homelessness
    Actions Homeless outreach, public education
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Roll-up mask, homeless disguise
    Colors N/A
    Symbol Knight chess piece
    Equipment Cell phone, .38 caliber handgun, rubber bullets
    Abilities N/A

    Knight-Hood is a Real Life Superhero based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. He has been patrolling since 1989.


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    Born in 1955, he was watching such television shows as The Lone Ranger and The Adventures of Superman from the cradle, leading to an early love of comic book superheroes. By age 12, just reading comics was not enough. So he began to write and draw his own stories, where he first developed the hero Night-Rider (later changing the name to Knight-Rider).

    In the mid-1970s, Knight-Hood married his high school sweetheart. For the next decade, the responsibilities of adulthood took over.

    In 1989, Knight-Hood's wife passed from an illness with a chronic lung disease. Additionally, his home burned down shortly after her death. It was during this low point in his life after watching Tim Burton's "Batman" that he remembered his boyhood dreams of growing up to become a real life superhero. He decided to become the character that he had created as a boy. With everyone he loved now dead and having lost everything he owned, he felt he had absolutely nothing to lose.

    Knight-Hood started patrolling the Florida area, but considered giving up after a period of time where he was unable to find any signs of crime. He realized that even though robberies, rapes, muggings and murders occur in every city each night, there really is no way to know where or when they will occur. All he ever saw were numerous homeless people, prostitutes, and drug dealers, so he chose to make those his focus.

    For the homeless, he made brown bag lunches and stood guard over them as they slept in parks and bus stops. For the prostitutes and drug dealers, he typed out fact sheets that informed them how many of them die each year doing what they were doing.

    "The truth is a powerful weapon," ~Knight-Hood.

    He has patrolled the streets of St. Petersburg in secret, usually disguised as a homeless person, and wearing his mask rolled up like a hat. He only dons it when he sees an extreme emergency. His first option is always to call the police when he sees criminal activity. He always uses an alias when calling in a tip to the police, using the secret identity of a little known or golden age superhero like Richard Wentworth (The Spider), or Dan Garrett (The Blue Beetle).

    In 2011, Knight-Hood discovered the RLSH community, where he has begun a dialogue with his fellow superheroes.

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