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    Being able to log a patrol can be helpful for a number of reasons. From personal reference to keeping track of how your patrol events change over time, it is highly recommended to keep a patrol log.

    Incident reports protect you in court, as do all forms. Having a documented record protects both you and other individuals you may meet. All reports should be treated as legal documents, and should ONLY include observed information, never embellish or add details you did not observe. Any room for speculation could and will most likely devalue and ruin credibility, should a situation arise.

    Example Formats

    Format 1

    Who all was with you, or if you were alone

    Date of patrol, time



    Note all events here below, taking note of how it's done in the top section of this page.


    You can use programs on your mobile devices such as Evernote, OneNote, or the native note-taking app on your phone.