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Midnight Highwayman

For other uses of Midnight, see Midnight (disambiguation)
Midnight Highwayman
"Believe in a better tomorrow, make a better today."
Vital Statistics
Hero Midnight Highwayman
Alias(es) James Hind
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Patrol Leader, XJL
Location San Diego, California, USA 32° 43' 2.72" N, 117° 9' 45.98" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Xtreme Justice League
Affiliates California Initiative, Legacy Initiative
Foes Apathy
Actions Crimefighting, medical response
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Highwayman coat, tricorn, utility belt
Colors Black & gold
Symbol Hat & mask outline
Equipment Medical kit, pepper spray, stun gun, video recorder, binoculars, supplies
Abilities Calm under pressure, excellent night vision

Midnight Highwayman is a Real Life Superhero in San Diego, CA. He is a member of the Xtreme Justice League.


Midnight Highwayman began his career as an active RLSH in 2013, bringing with him skills and training from prior work in the fields of security, law enforcement, and emergency response. He is currently a patrol leader for the Xtreme Justice League in San Diego and handles the vehicle-based patrols, which scout the areas that are difficult for the foot patrols to reach or respond to quickly.


Midnight Highwayman patrols the streets of San Diego on a near-weekly basis, helping those in need and assisting with the de-escalation of street violence. He has been a regular participant in HOPE each summer as well as helping to spearhead focused patrols to help end a string of sexual assaults in North Park. As the oldest patrolling member of the XJL, he tends to bring a fatherly role to the team and often acts as the voice of wisdom as well as being the official spokesman for the team when dealing with media.


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