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    This is a list of websites known to be directly linked to or affiliated with RLSHs where the community socially gathers.

    Real Life Superheroes

    Website operated by the community with registry and info about RLSH with forums and blogs provided for users. (Link Removed due to being dysfunctional and directing to a Chinese website instead) Forums

    Forum for the RLSH community, including heroes and non-heroes/hero support. There is a portion of the forum that is only viewable by members. Visit it by clicking here.


    The name is an acronym: Superhero Tips And Networking Department. A site run by Rock N Roll, it reports on community outreach efforts of various RLSH groups serving as a coalition. Visit it by clicking here.

    Superheroes Anonymous

    Originally founded in 2007, Superheroes Anonymous first began as an annual conference for Real Life Superheroes, but has since become world-renowned for its efforts in homeless outreach, community service, fighting crime, and inspiring others. Visit it by clicking here.

    The Unreality Labs

    Forums linked to the Watchtower site. Registration is currently locked down to prevent spam. Visit it by clicking here. Social

    This site is a social media site for the RLSH community and meant as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Visit it by clicking here