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    There are various roles that an RLSH may have. An RLSH may specialize in only one or two roles, or fill several depending on need.

    Most RLSH work in teams or network with other RLSH in order to fill more roles so they can have a more effective impact in their community.

    Note: This list is not complete and can and will change over time.

    Crime Prevention:

    Crime prevention in RLSH work takes various forms, ranging from Community Watch, grey-man patrols, or volunteering to help keep people safe during a protest. De-escalation, martial arts, and safety equipment are most commonly used in this role.

    Many also work in the cyber realm, carefully gathering evidence on online crime and submitting it to the authorities. This ties in with the Private Investigator role.

    First Aid:

    First Aid is seen as a very important role for any RLSH or team to have. It can mean the difference between literal life and death if someone is injured. RLSH who do this have training in CPR, EMT, or other First Aid courses.


    Some RLSH do fundraising events on various scales for miscellaneous issues.

    Hand to Hand Combat Specialist:

    Most RLSH who do crime prevention know a martial art in some form, which is usually gained through professional training.

    Private Investigator:

    A lot of RLSH also do Private Investigating. They may or may not have a license, but having one is strongly recommended. It is very easy for an investigation to go wrong (possibly winding up with the PI in jail or the perpetrator to get away with their crime) due to things most who don't have training don't consider. So, this is a role that you must have adequate training to do properly.


    This role often ties in with PI work. A researcher can make very good use of resources such as the Internet, books, or finding the right people in order to find needed information or intel. They can also be very helpful to other roles such as social activism or crime prevention.


    An Oracle is often referred to as "the guy in the chair". They work remotely and do various things to aid those in the field in real time. They often have other roles mentioned on this page, and make use of various tools.

    See Oracle (role).


    A driver is able to help get an RLSH or team where they need to go, and can also serve as backup. The vehicle may also be used to store food/supplies for outreaches, or more bulky First-Aid equipment.

    Some RLSH teams make use of vehicles for mobile patrols. A driver in this case must be able to keep their focus on the road and being safe. Vehicle drivers are also useful for extraction of team members on foot.

    Counselor/Emotional Support:

    RLSH work can be stressful, and sometimes traumatic. RLSH who can not access professional therapy sometimes rely on peer support. It's important that a person who fills this role has a good understanding of mental health, as to not harm the person they are trying to help.

    Some RLSH also work in suicide prevention, via hotlines, chatrooms, or in-person.

    Social Activism:

    Some RLSH choose to use their gimmick to bring attention to various social issues, most notably environmental issues, houselessness, and lobbying for laws to enact change on a more fundamental scale.


    Some who do homeless outreaches use cooked food. A cook must be able to create healthy food that meets nutrition and safety requirements for each need.


    This is the person that can take a concept and turn it into an actual, physical piece of an RLSH's gimmick or gear. Sewing and similar creative ability/skill is a big must. The person may work with cloth, leather, kevlar, or other materials in order to make their goods. They may also help create the initial design.