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    For other uses of Batman, see Batman (disambiguation)
    Route 29 Batman
    Route 29 Batman with his Lambourghini
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Route 29 Batman
    Alias(es) N/A
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Lenny B. Robinson
    Category Public Service
    Location Baltimore, MD, USA 39° 17' 27.18" N, 76° 36' 38.73" W
    Status Deceased
    Superhero Activity
    Team N/A
    Affiliates N/A
    Foes N/A
    Actions N/A
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Cape (Black), Cowl (Black), Suit (Black)
    Colors Black, Gray, Yellow
    Symbol Bat Silhouette in a Yellow Oval
    Equipment Lambourghini Gallardo (Black)
    Abilities N/A

    Route 29 Batman was an American Real Life Superhero based in the Baltimore area of Maryland. He dressed up as DC Comic's iconic superhero, Batman, and visited sick children in the hospital in order to encourage them to continue fighting against their illnesses.


    He was dubbed the "Route 29 Batman" as he first came to media attention when he was pulled over by police on Route 29 in his Batmobile.

    On August 17th, 2015, Lenny Robinson had stopped in the median but with his car still “partially in the fast lane,” according to a state police news release. He was checking the engine on the passenger side when at around 10:30 p.m. a Toyota Camry slammed into the Batmobile, propelling the steel-framed hunk of black metal into his body. Robinson, 51, died at the scene.

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