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    File:Umbratica in tree 2021.jpg
    Umbratica in a tree
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Umbratica
    Alias(es) Spooder (affectionately)
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Aaron Christopher Jenkins II
    Category Crime fighter, environmentalist
    Location Jamaica 18° 11' 6.18" N, 77° 23' 41.17" W
    Status Deceased
    Superhero Activity
    Team Paragon Force (founder), International Hero Cooperative, The Adamant Legion
    Affiliates -
    Foes -
    Actions Patrols, trash pickup
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Custom Spider-Man themed suit, based on the Nuctenea Umbratica spider
    Colors White, black, gold-yellow, red
    Symbol Stylized Nuctenea Umbratica Spider
    Equipment Drone
    Abilities Parkour

    Umbratica was a Real Life SuperHero in Jamaica. He was the founder of the Paragon Force. He is deceased.


    Umbratica started in or before 2015.

    He founded Paragon Force in 2019.

    He joined the International Hero Cooperative in 2019.

    He joined The Adamant Legion in 2020.

    On April 9th, 2021, he passed away due to an asthma attack.[1]



    External Links

    GuFundMe to help pay for his funeral expenses