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Charade (photo: Jerry Luterman)
Vital Statistics
Hero Charade
Alias(es) N/A
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Charity, crime patrol
Location Orlando, Florida, USA 28° 32' 31.60" N, 81° 22' 44.51" W
Status Inactive
Superhero Activity
Team The Challengers
Affiliates The Watchman, Blackbird, Crimson Crusader, Electron
Foes N/A
Actions Neighborhood patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit N/A
Colors Black
Symbol N/A
Equipment Flashlight

Charade is a Real Life Superhero in Orlando, Florida. He was a member of The Challengers, but appears to be inactive.


Charade appears to have been a member of The Challengers since at least 2011.[1]

He relocated to Orlando, Florida in 2013 and was looking for other heroes in the area.[2] His last post on Facebook was April 30, 2013.

” I typically just walk around and keep an eye out for trouble. I talk to people when approached. I focus on teens since I am only recently turned 18, I can understand them better than most of the other heroes.“ -Charade, 2011


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