Creating a Persona

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Creating a persona is something that is very personal. You want it to be something unique that gives people a general idea of who you are and your goals.


To create your persona, you should look inside yourself. Think about your goals, what issues you want to solve most, your passions, and why you want to do this. It is highly recommended you write these things down to help you in the creative process as well as later reference.

The Name

Your name is basically like your brand. You want people to be able to easily know who you are and what you're about.


Some people look at fictional characters they admire for inspiration. Others look at animals that portray characteristics they identify with. Look at video game characters you love, movie/TV show characters, things about the area you work in that resonate with you. Events in your life that had a big impact on you can also help inspire your name.


I created the Green Swordsman because my favorite color is green, I use gold accents as it's my spirit color, and because I'm a real life practicing Swordsman, I created the two as my title. My other "name" is Sorin Greene because it sounds like Green Swordsman, and also because my real name initials are SG. - Green Swordsman

So, when I first started following the movement back when I was an edgy teenager, I entertained the idea of going out with this dark, grim and gritty type of persona I called Nuce Dog. The costume was going to be spooky goth makeup, a trench, and wearing a noose around my neck like a tie despite not having a collared shirt. Absolute garbino- It would freak people I would be trying to help, it looked like crap, and the fashion decisions were not going to do me any favors all so I could be maximum edgy. When I turned 19, I grew out of all the gothy stuff in favor of punk and Ska and I was obsessed with the Twotone Ska movement in the 80’s. So I changed it to Rudeboy, and designed it to be a superhero version of the traditional rudeboy atire from the aforementioned movement. Plus, I don’t think a checkered green hornet lookin’ ass would spook people nearly as much. - Rudeboy


  • Try to avoid having a name that is too generic. Knight/Guardian/Black/Crimson/Soldier/Ninja are names that are widely overused. You want to stick out with your name, not get lost with all the others.

The Suit

The suit/gimmick/outfit is an iconic part of being an RLSH. Very few choose to go without, and it can be a powerful statement about your mission and ideals.

What the suit does:

  • Protects your privacy
  • Expresses who you are
  • Protects you


Don't worry about getting it perfect the first time. Your look can and will evolve to better fit you, your style, and your environment.

Spectral Hawk’s Suit Advice: Focus on the functionality of your suit prior to the aesthetics. In purchasing or making equipment for your suit, keep in mind what you plan to use it for. For example, if you plan to solely work at outreach events, you do not need to waste money on expensive armor.

If you plan to go on safety patrols, you should buy protective armor. Any type of impact-resistant armor or even bullet-resistant armor is going to keep you safe. As a student of criminal justice, I recommend getting bullet-resistant armor that covers all handguns, as handguns are the most commonly used firearms by criminals.

I recommend getting at least level IIIA plates and trauma pads (even if the bullet does not penetrate, it can cause internal bleeding and even rupture organs), which are rated for up to a .44 magnum. That being said, avoid engaging with any criminal that carries a firearm or any weapon for that matter. Report illicit activity to trained law enforcement!

In addition to buying protective gear, make sure that you are buying from a credible source. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Finally, you want to look unique. Your greatest ally in creating a unique look is to base the aesthetics of your suit around your persona/gimmick. Generally speaking, the easiest way to achieve this is through your logo and your mask. Those two pieces should be most representative of the iconography you seek to display. Further, your suit will always be a work in progress - even if you think you are done. There is always more to do!

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Dos and Don'ts


  • Go for a name that's not been taken by anyone else
  • Use your persona as a form of self-expression


  • Use a name that is copyrighted
  • Knowingly use a name that is already in use
  • Use a persona just because someone told you to
  • Use a persona you aren't satisfied with
  • Change your persona excessively