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Joshua Bartley
Joshua "J.B." Bartley
Vital Statistics
Hero Joshua Bartley
Alias(es) J.B.
Identity Joshua Bartley
Alter Ego Public
Category Former RLSV
Location North Carolina, USA 35° 40' 22.67" N, 79° 2' 21.45" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team * North Carolina Initiative
* R.O.A.C.H. (former, 2nd in command)
Affiliates Tamerlane, Jebediah Von Deathbread, Malvado, J. Creeper.
Actions Homeless outreach, community service
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Steel-toed Dr. Martens, leather jacket, beat-up raggedy clothing
Colors Black, orange
Equipment Baseball bat that says "kindness"
Abilities EMT, degree in Criminal Justice

Joshua Bartley is a former Real Life Supervillain in North Carolina. He is currently branch leader of the North Carolina Initiative.


J.B. first surfaced as Zyklon-B in 2007-2008 on the World Superhero Registry website and forums, calling out self-proclaimed real-life superheroes who weren't up to his standards. He also hosted a horror-centric BlogTalk radio show called "The Theatre of Creeps."[1]

He was announced as branch leader of the North Carolina Initiative on July 13, 2020.[2]


One of few RLSV willing to divulge the details of his real life, Joshua Bartley is an EMT, manages a nursing home, and has a degree in criminal justice. He's done homeless outreach, is a writer, poet, and musician, and even helped organize and build a memorial rock garden for two women that were murdered in a bank robbery.[3]



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