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    Short Cut
    Short Cut
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Short Cut
    Alias(es) Shorty, Alex Short
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category X-Alt
    Location Los Angeles, California, USA 34° 3' 13.29" N, 118° 14' 33.96" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team *(Current) None
    *(Former) California Initiative:L.A.
    *(Former) New York Initiative
    Affiliates Jack Zero, Snipe, Dark Guardian, TSAF
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Patrol, speed scout, outreach
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Black hoodie, black facemask, black pants
    Colors Black
    Symbol N/A
    Equipment First aid kit, flashlight, longboard (Bustin)
    Abilities Martial artist[1]

    Short Cut was a Real Life Superhero. He was a former member of the New York Initiative and the California Initiative: Los Angeles. He is currently inactive, but occasionally posts to his Facebook page.


    Short Cut became a member of the NYI in February of 2011[2], and was heavily involved as neutral security during the group's time assisting Occupy Wall Street, from October to November 2011.

    In August of 2012, he left the NYI, moving to Los Angeles, CA afterward. Short Cut was a participant in HOPE 2013, and joined the CAI:L.A. for a time shortly after.


    "Well, I've always been quick to help people in need, and I'm trained in all kinds of stuff. Growing up I always thought "normal sports" were boring. I was into martial arts, snowboarding, mountain climbing, skateboarding, swimming, and such. I also used to act in short action films.

    In 2005 I tried doing this alone in Philadelphia, but I was hiding in the shadows with swords back then. Very stupid. I only went out a hand full of times before I decided to move to NJ. In January of 2010 I saw Dark Guardian on G4 while I was in Boston on business. I kept track of the community for about a year before I made contact. I met up with the NYI one weekend in February, then not long after, I left my life in NJ behind and moved to NYC."



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