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The Amazing
The Amazing on a rooftop in Ann Arbor
Vital Statistics
Hero The Amazing
Alias(es) Spider-Man
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Category Crime Prevention/Victim Outreach
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA 42° 16' 5.37" N, 83° 43' 52.42" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team The Astrals
Affiliates The Knight, The Human Spider, The Spectacular
Foes Homelessness, poverty, climate-change, sexual harassment/assault
Actions Feeding the homeless, fundraisers
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Armored bodysuit with tech
Colors Black, Orange, Navy Blue
Symbol Spider
Equipment Handheld Stunner, Web-Shooters, Power Pack
Abilities Parkour, Self-Defense, Science and Engineering

The Amazing is an Astral in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His trademark gadgets are web-shooters, which have gone through various iterations over the years, including a bola-wrap iteration and a grappling iteration.

Also in his arsenal are a power-pack with various capabilities, an electric longboard for transport, and a suit with light armor and protection.


The Amazing started out by building gadgets from scratch, eventually moving to show these devices on YouTube. As his channel grew, he planned to use his gear to make a positive impact in his communities, often giving out supplies to the homeless, and keeping an eye out for crimes.

He eventually joined the Astrals and became part of the Ann Arbor branch.



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