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    The Astrals
    The Astrals logo
    Team Statistics
    Group The Astrals
    Category Community Service
    Headquarters Founding city in Savannah, Georgia, USA The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
    Status Active
    Team Activity
    Leader The Knight, Reflex, Apex
    Members The Knight, Reflex, Apex, Enjo, Wifi, Discordia, Crusader, Friendly Neighborhood, The Amazing, The Widowster, Grey Shadow
    Actions Case based work, patrols, homeless aid, fundraisers, giving victims a voice

    The Astrals is a Group founded in Savannah, Georgia.

    THE ASTRALS began because of one reason, and one reason only: We all saw situations go unreported. We all saw people be silenced, and too afraid to stand up and speak about a trauma they’ve endured. We wanted to help shine a light on the silent, invisible, crimes throughout the community.

    We understand how it would seem that this shouldn’t work. After all, we are hidden behind ridiculous names and outfits...but the results are there. The relationships we have with our community, with our government, and the support we’ve had is astounding. We wouldn’t be doing it this way if the results weren’t there. What made us ultimately decide to use this imagery to conceal ourselves was the want not to seem like an ominous anonymous group, but we also found that people had a better reaction to us when we used these nicknames, logos, and the overall imagery.

    We like to believe that just because we’re invisible, it doesn’t mean we aren’t there. But, more importantly: Anyone can be an Astral...Just don’t be a bystander.


    The team was founded on December 17, 2018 by The Knight, Reflex, and Apex. Their first in-gimmick patrol was February 9, 2019[1]

    Eventually, it branched out to teams in New York, Chattanooga, Ann Arbour, and Edinburgh.

    On April 19th, 2021, they were promoted as an official resource for those wanting to report rape and sexual assault in Savannah, GA.[2][3]



    External Links

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