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Vital Statistics
Hero Anti-Theft
Alias(es) Anti
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Category Public Service
Location Bowling Green, Ohio 41° 22' 29.19" N, 83° 39' 4.76" W
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Team International Hero Cooperative
Affiliates Spectral Hawk, Beacon, Black Mantis, Shieldmaiden, Shadow Guardian, Arkane
Foes Own Influence
Actions Patrols, neighborhood cleanup, helping homeless, theft prevention
Physical Description
Gender Male
Outfit Red mask with white eyes, with boots and cape
Colors Red, Black
Symbol Lock
Equipment Taser, flashlight
Abilities Verbal de-escalation, first aid and CPR training

Anti-Theft is a Real Life SuperHero in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is a member of the International Hero Cooperative (IHC)


Anti-Theft began his RLSH activities in the summer of 2019, after confronting and stopping thieves at his place of work. In November 2019, after speaking with Spectral Hawk and Beacon, he joined the IHC. He patrols Bowling Green helping homeless, collecting trash, keeping an eye on students downtown during holidays, and reaching out to people on online forums looking for help or advice.



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