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California Ronin
California Ronin logo
Team Statistics
Group California Ronin
Category Public Service
Headquarters [[Location::San Diego, CA]] 39° 12' 50.01" N, 79° 38' 13.60" W
Status Inactive
Team Activity
Leader Urban Avenger, Sheer
Members Red Diamond
Allies New York Ronin
Foes Apathy
Actions Crime prevention, community volunteering, outreach, charity

The California Ronin (fka "Urban Alliance") are a group of Real Life Superheroes in San Diego, CA. They also have chapters in New York (founding chapter), New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.


The Urban Alliance was founded by Urban Avenger and Sheer in September of 2013. In May of 2016 the group changed its name (and logo) in solidarity with Dark Guardian's New York Ronin.[1]

"The Urban Alliance is a team of real life super heroes that have combined their talents to work toward making the world a better place.
Crime prevention - We perform community safety patrols, participate in neghborhood watch, assist police by printing and posting missing person flyers.
Community - Some members are CERT trained and volunteer with the Fire Corps.
Charity - Endless donations to the food bank and local soup kitchen. Educate low income families how to purchase healthy food while paying very little. Almost weekly food hand outs to homeless San Diegans. Quarterly homeless outreach events to provide much needed supplies and compassion. Clothing drives for the homeless shelter. We collect and donate pet food to the Helen Woodward Animeals program (Sheer's favorite charity)."



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