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    For other uses of Avenger, see Avenger (disambiguation)
    For other uses of Urban, see Urban (disambiguation)
    Urban Avenger
    Urban Avenger
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Urban Avenger
    Alias(es) UA, Mr. Urb, Erik Jonucz
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category N/A
    Location San Diego, California, USA 32° 43' 2.71" N, 117° 9' 45.98" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team * California Ronin (founder)
    * XJL (former)
    Affiliates Sheer (wife/teammate), Mr. Xtreme, The Grim, Vigilante Spider, Bearman, Blue Alpha, Blue Buzzard, Divine Force
    Foes N/A
    Actions Neighborhood patrols
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Colors Black, Red
    Symbol N/A
    Equipment Bulletproof vest, power bocks, nunchaku
    Abilities 4 ft. leap, 20 mph run

    Urban Avenger was a Real Life Superhero based in San Diego, California. He is the founder of the California Ronin and a former member of the Xtreme Justice League. He appears to be inactive.


    Urban Avenger was a former crime victim before realizing after that incident and watching the movie Kick-Ass, he wanted to become an RLSH[1]. Eventually, he created his signature red and black gimmick, and began patrolling San Diego. Urban Avenger also says that he keeps his being a RLSH a secret from his friends and family.

    He was the second member to join the San Diego-based Xtreme Justice League in the fall of 2010. In what the XJL called a "professional and amicable" separation[2], Urban parted ways with the XJL in late 2013 to form his own group, the Urban Alliance (which later became the California Ronin in solidarity with Dark Guardian's New York Ronin team).



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