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    For other uses of Crimson, see Crimson (disambiguation)
    Crimson Canuck
    Crimson Canuck
    Vital Statistics
    Hero Crimson Canuck
    Alias(es) C.C, Cee-Cee, Mr. Canuck
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category Humanitarian, Activist, Public Servant
    Location Windsor, Ontario, Canada The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team Rose City Superheroes Guild
    Trillium Guards of Ontario
    Affiliates Ark Guard, Blackhat
    Foes Apathy, Corruption
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Boots, Leather Jacket, Mask with a Stylized Maple Leaf (Black), Shirt (Red), Pants (Pants)
    Colors Red, White, Black
    Symbol Half Maple Leaf, Half Fleur-de-Lis
    Abilities First Aid, making people smile, strong sense of justice, good attitude

    The Crimson Canuck was a Canadian Real Life Superhero located in Windsor, Ontario. He appears to be inactive.


    After having been apathetic and uncaring for much of his young life, The Crimson Canuck decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces. After a few years he found himself getting into trouble due to his outspoken and political nature, and retired from the CF. The Crimson Canuck emerged in Windsor in October of 2011.

    After performing a Google search and finding out about the RLSH through the HBO Documentary, the Crimson Canuck contacted Thanatos and decided that the movement was a perfect fit for all the things he sought to accomplish in his own life.

    The Crimson Canuck teamed up with Rogues Gallery Comics, with the comic store serving as a community drop box where donations to Windsor's Superhero could be made. Crimson Canuck has been credited with starting both the Trillium Guards of Ontario and the Rose City Superheroes Guild, so that heroes in his province and city have a way of communicating with each other, and a way of promoting unity in the local RLSH community.

    The Crimson Canuck also worked with local artist Tony Gray, of Legacy Comics Publishing, on an exclusive print to be sold to raise money for United Way.[1][2][3]

    According to the About section of his Facebook page, the Crimson Canuck had retired. His last post on this page was in 2014.

    According to a post on, he's recently come back out of retirement and planning to get involved in a different way.



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