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    El Caballero
    El Caballero
    Vital Statistics
    Hero El Caballero
    Alias(es) Cabby
    Identity Secret
    Alter Ego N/A
    Category Crime prevention
    Location Seattle, Washington, USA 47° 36' 13.80" N, 122° 19' 48.22" W
    Status Inactive
    Superhero Activity
    Team *ECHO (leader and founder)
    *RCSM (former)
    Affiliates Shockwave, Dragon, Night Savior, Drake
    Foes "...hatred, meth, crack, heroin, religious fanatics and violent morons."
    Actions Safety patrol, outreach
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Colors Puple, black, red
    Symbol N/A

    El Caballero was a Real Life Superhero in Seattle, Washington. He was a founder of ECHO, and former member of the Rain City Superhero Movement. He appears to be inactive since 2020.

    "I am El Caballero a luchador crime fighter in Seattle, WA, protecting the innocent and other civilians. I hold titles of Knighthood in Malta, Jerusalem, York, Cyprus, Rhodes and Hungary serving eight years as an officer culminating in the rank of Emminent Commander. Anyone who needs assistance I will aid, regardless of race, sex, national origin, sexuality or religion. My enemies are hatred, meth, crack, heroin, religious fanatics and violent morons."

                                                                                                        -El Caballero


    El Caballero donned the luchador mask and started patrolling the streets of Seattle in September 2011. Initially joining up with Phoenix Jones and his RCSM, he performed over 200+ patrols throughout the city to keep their fellow citizens safe.

    In late 2013, El Caballero split with Phoenix Jones over several issues including the mysterious disappearance of his class III Kevlar helmet that was, 6 months later, returned by 'Danger Dave', (a US military veteran and 'action' photographer/videographer).[1] Other issues had also been raised within the ranks of RCSM that stirred him to create a new team.

    In November of 2013, El Caballero began patrolling with a new partner he met through one of his many fraternities, Free & Accepted Masonry: Dragon. According to Dragon, they first patrolled in the U-district of Seattle in November of 2013, later going on to officially form ECHO on December 16, 2013.[2] They continue to patrol and do charity work.

    In 2022, he was featured in the podcast Superhero Complex, which highlighted the Seattle superhero community.



    External Links

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