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    For other uses of Sky, see Sky (disambiguation)
    SkyMan the Tri-Colored Crusader
    Vital Statistics
    Hero SkyMan
    Alias(es) The Tri-Colored Crusader
    Identity Public
    Alter Ego Skyler Nichols
    Category General
    Location Auburn, Washington, USA 47° 18' 27.13" N, 122° 13' 48.65" W
    Status Active
    Superhero Activity
    Team * The Phoenix Corporation
    * E.C.H.O.
    * The Paradox Core (former)
    Affiliates Washington Initiative, RCSM, Dark Wolf, Lunar Veil, Midnight Jack
    Foes Apathy
    Actions Mental Illness & Substance Abuse Support and Activism, Homeless Outreach & Advocacy, Neighborhood Watch, Environmental Activism
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Outfit Arm/leg guards in colored duct tape, utility belt, drop leg pouches, Sky Symbol shirt
    Colors Tri-Colors: Red, Blue, Green
    Symbol Circular with three colors overlayed with the letters S-K-Y
    Equipment Clear & level head, cell phone, multi-tool, tactical 200 lumen flashlight, mace, tactical stun-gun flashlight
    Abilities Positive attitude, story that is relatable, easy-going nature, able, willing, and teachable

    SkyMan is a Real Life Superhero based in Auburn, Washington. He is a member of the E.C.H.O. and The Phoenix Corporation.


    Discovering the movement of Real-life Superheroes in the Spring of 2010, SkyMan was born. Skyler credits the documentary "Real Vigilantes, Real Superheroes"[1] attached to the Watchmen Ultimate Boxed set as his introduction. 

    SkyMan started out in the Spring of 2010, on Arbor Day. He showed up at an event in a very early iteration of a gimmick and helped remove invasive plants and brush from a park in Kent, WA. 

    Operating from April to June without any local superheroes to partner with, SkyMan stuck to learning about the movement; researching the requirements, expectations, and introducing himself to the online aspects of the community through involvement in forum. 

    In June of that same year, SkyMan was able to coax old-school RLSH the White Baron out of semi-retirement to mentor him. The Baron has his own unique history in the Seattle superhero scene

    SkyMan and White Baron started out patrolling a downtown Seattle park with a wide-open area. Cal Anderson Park has since become a favorite patrol area of SkyMan's as well as the surrounding Capital Hill neighborhood in Seattle. 

    Three weeks after the initial meetup and pairing with White Baron, SkyMan traveled down to Portland, Oregon to meet with then-pillar of the modern RLSH movement, Zetaman and his team, The Alternates. It was here that SkyMan had his first meetup with a group of other like-minded people in outfits. This was also SkyMan's very first time being filmed on camera prior to his appearance in Michael Barnett's 2011 documentary, 'Superheroes'. 



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