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    The SECTOR III logo
    Team Statistics
    Group SECTOR III, Inc.
    Category Real Life Supervillains
    Headquarters Salt Lake City The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
    Status Active
    Team Activity
    Members Kaptain Blackheart, The Baroness, Professor Plague, The Golden Don
    Allies Grim, Agent Orange
    Foes False heroism

    SECTOR III ("Secret Evil Collective To Obdurately Rebel") is a group of Real Life Supervillains based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


    SECTOR III was founded on May 20, 2012[1]. Their purpose reads as follows:

    "Sector III is on the cutting edge of villainy and world domination. We keep heroes in check and resposible for their actions by making satirical commentary through our videos and blogtalk radio show. We are Sector III. Tremble."

    On their YouTube show[2], Kaptain Blackheart and The Golden Don interviewed many notable RLSH, including Phoenix Jones, Jack Zero, The Black Monday Society, and NightBug and Rock N Roll. SECTOR III also collaborated with Temper and Drop of the Washington Initiative on a WAI Public Service Announcement.[3]



    External Links

    Eye Station 19 - BlogTalk Radio show

    Facebook fan page - Accessed 9/23/2017 (last update 9/27/2013)